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Info is more than just numbers; it's a complete account statement,broken down by current figures such as pending, credit, free play, casino, etc to reflect your latest account balance. Keep track of your winnings and decide what move to make next. Get immediate access to all sports. Choose from the largest variety of sports or look within your favorite leagues with just a simple tap. "Sports" even shows the events about to start, so you don't miss any action. Wouldn't betting be easier if you could first pick all your selections and then decide what to play? "Cart" lets you choose what plays to make and which teams to combine all at once. Wagering has never been this amazingly simple.

Browse through your bets and get information in a way you never imagined. "Reports" provides complete details of your pending plays and graded wagers in a summarized, but yet complete fashion, 100% optimized for your smart phone.

Go straight to the action and obtain a full run down of the games in your favorite leagues. iPlay stores your personal preferences making your browsing experience more efficient by accessing your favorite sports directly.

We know everyone's preferences are not the same. Setting up your preferred language or adjusting the day in which your betting week should begin, are some of the features now available to make your mobile app second to none.

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